Energy Conservation: Start Now To Save Tomorrow

Energy conservation is on the minds of many of us, especially those of us who have to pay the ever increasing utility bills each month.

You shouldn’t just forget about conservation and wait until your next bill comes, you can take easy steps today.

While energy costs aren’t skyrocketing anymore, they have even come down a little, they will never come all the way back down and stay there. It’s likely there will always be an upward trend in utility costs.

Another benefit of being more careful about our habits is the fact that we can help out the planet while we’re saving ourselves some money.

Saving money is one very strong motivating factor for many people. Simple things like using energy efficient light bulbs and keeping your home a few degrees cooler, or warmer in summer, can help a lot.
It won’t save you thousands but it’s a great place to start.

If you want to make a bigger impact on your energy bills you can replace drafty windows and old doors. If replacement isn’t in your budget at this time you can at least use weather seal and caulk to make them more efficient.

Window kits that offer another barrier between your warm house and the cold air outside is another option if replacement isn’t in your budget right now.

If you aren’t satisfied with just shaving a few hundred dollars off of your utility bill and you want to slash it, or even eliminate it completely, you should consider using wind power.

Anyone can build a wind turbine for home use. It doesn’t cost much, only around $200, yet it can save around 80% on your electric bills.

So start today. Stop being ‘held up’ every month by your utility company. Energy conservation is something we can all benefit from.